Erica at Weinstein Wellness provides therapy, guidance, & education for adolescents 18 & older, adults, couples, & families in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area in her Towson office & throughout the state of Maryland virtually.

"You're not broken; you're breaking through." -Nicole

Erica Weinstein, MEd, NCC, LCPC, CCTP is a seasoned (salt & pepper) therapist with over 25 years of experience in counseling.  She focuses on teaching & practicing body, brain/mind, & breath work (& fun) tools with you.  

Meet Erica Weinstein

If you're down with yoga/movement practicing; exploring religious &/or spiritual meaning; learning how to use practical tools to assist with self soothing/nervous system regulation; apologizing appropriately (not needlessly); speaking genuinely & accurately; & diving into functional health perspectives to experience living well, we may gel!