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Exploring Functional Health Perspectives

The functional health paradigm operates from the basic tenet of wellness, not illness.  It is a preventative model of health care as opposed to a reactive one.  Most of us in the Western world are unfamiliar with functional health as our culture promotes an allopathic model (treating symptoms of sickness) in piecemeal parts.  Functional health disciplines dig for the...wait for it...root causes of how humans as whole beings are able to live in wellness.

Do you know that processed foods (most of what Americans consume daily) strip nutrients from our foods including bacteria our gut microbiomes require for proper digestion & functioning?

Please drink filtered water.

Have you heard of the vagal nerve?  Do you know how crucial this pathway is for communication between the brain, immune system, & the gut?  We can learn & practice ways to engage & stimulate this largest nerve in the human body to move toward more homeostatic living experiences.

Join me!