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Healing Wounds Best We Can

At this point in human history, we all have experienced &/or witnessed/been exposed to traumatic events.  Most of us, many times over.  It's the reality of the world in which we live.  What many of us may not realize is that no matter how significant or insignificant a wounding may seem on the outside to others, it can cut/hurt us anywhere from a sharp piercing pain to a dull long ache.  Many of us are unaware that we're walking this Earth in what I call trauma bodies. 

We tend to pay more attention to our thoughts than to our bodies.  Our memories of pain, danger, fear, threat are stored & often times become lodged not only in certain areas in our brains, but in our muscle memory as well.   

* Headaches/Migraines*  *Poor Sleep*  *Digestive Problems*  *On Constant Guard/Alert* *Neck/Jaw/Back/Shoulder Pain*  *Feeling Trapped/Constricted*  This is simply a short list of how our wounds can manifest physically in our bodies.

Let's explore some very basic tools & practices that can assist us with rooting strong.  

Possibilities include but are not limited to:  Yoga pranayama (breath) &/or asana (pose); EFT (Emotional Freedoom Technique) or "tapping"; traumatic memory integration & desensitization; bi-lateral stimulation with visualization.